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Welcome to my page! If you're here you probably know who I am. I made this page so I can share the music I love recording so much, as well as post links to software I'm working on soon, enjoy!

P.s. if any of the links don't work or you want to contact me for any other reason write
Except for sending me spam. That doesn't count as a valid other reason.

Viva la music!!

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Song Download Info/Lyrics
What I'm dreaming of
This is the moment
For good
Broken vow
Row row row
The Curse
I'll be
Enough (to let you go)
Bui Doi
If I only had a brain
Like a lighthouse
All my life
Seize the day
She is the sunlight

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Special thanks to Paul Tomlinson for providing the webspace and a lot of know-how making this possible.