The Curse
Originally from the movie Rigoletto

This was cool, it's the first song I did where I set my mic over our piano and had my Mom play the piano part. Well, I did it with Danny Davis, but this was the first time I did it by myself. I did Like a Lighthouse at the same time.

Anyway, another song with amazing lyrics. I love to use it to close motivational speeches, cuz it's most of the message I'm trying to get across. The biggest thing that holds you down is you, so knock it off, and take on you life!

“We’ve heard the tale since we were young,
Heard the songs that have been sung,
About an evil spell.

Someone beautiful is cursed
We feel sad through every verse
Til a kiss and all is well

The message that no one can see
Is clearer to someone like me

There is no curse or evil spell
That's worse than one we give ourselves
There is no sorceror as cruel,
As the proud and angry fool.

And yet we cry, “life isn’t fair!”
Beneath our cries the truth is there

The power that will break the spell
We should know very well
Is locked within ourselves

Yet we'd rather blame,
And curse our faith and change
We run from everyone to hide from the pain
And all the shame

The story’s old we knew it well
About a wretched evil spell
The power that will break this curse
Oh I know all too well
Is locked within myself”

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