Gimpman Continues! (May 2011)

Okay, I've referred a good few people to this website over the years, and I think it's time I posted some for the general update

At the time of this writing it has been 6 1/2 years since I broke my neck. Honestly I am at a loss as to what to expand upon, so much as happened, and so much is made me what I am. I feel like most stories deserve more than a one paragraph update to really grasp the depth, and if you can't convey the depth, what's the point of sharing the story? I’d like to keep this a semi-short update, so if you really want to know more about my life, maybe you should just talk to me! Or read my blog, (I’d recommend starting at the beginning and reading forward, the 1 paragraph long ones were homework) if I'm still updating that…

Okay, so I lived at with my parents with my mom as my primary caregiver for about two years I believe. I spent most of that time learning to be as independent as possible. Particularly figuring out how to sit upright since I was so light headed usually I also started back at college January 2006. We had the van from the very start, but I would just drive up the ramp and someone would strap my chair in the center of the van, and then chauffeur me places.

After two years or so I'd say my next step towards Independence was switching to home health care, so if I ever needed to move out the health care could follow me and I could survive without my parents. Also around that time we got the modifications on the van so that I could drive it places completely independently. Also interesting to note, my laptop would fit on my lap under the steering wheel, so I could take that wherever I needed to go as well. My laptop made me completely independent at school. I could type my own notes (remember I have no use my fingers, so I’d use my typing aids. They are basically to plastic sticks that stick out of my hand. It's like typing with your two index fingers.) and e-mail any assignments to my teachers.

I got accepted at BYU, and moved to Orem just off the freeway in the Summer of 2008 with Micah Nieman, Neal Christensen, and Landon Hasson. It was epic, The social experiences and friends I made out there were amazing. I happened to end up in one of the closest wards ever! And I know this because I would talk about my ward to other people and they would say “I wish my ward was like that!”

We played a lot of video games the first year or two, but the third year I decided that video games turned me into a more bland person than I like to be and I slowly got away from them. Also, Various other experiences, (mostly bad examples where I live in comparison to institute experiences) made me want to be more Valiant in the Gospel. I also dated a lot, but couldn't find anyone who showed interest back.

I finished my bachelors of computer science in December of 2010. School is difficult, I complained about homework a lot, but it was totally worth it! I was guided to an excellent software developer job and started February 1, 2011. I'm still working there with an amazing people who even have similar senses of humor to me. And I get paid a great full-time salaried computer science wage :). Note to everyone: go to college.

I felt like the gap between my chosen lifestyle and my roommates was widening, and I felt like I pretty much exhausted the dating options in that area. It seemed like the only new girls coming into the ward were always 18, and I think I'm past dating 18 year olds. So I moved home to be with environment more like what I wanted to live :).

Having hit 25 years old this year, I also had the opportunity to receive my endowments in the temple :) and thus far I’ve been back to the temple every week. I hope I can keep it up!

Alright, so a main motivation of my writing this was I disliked how the only stories and pictures I posted on this website display how helpless I was. I'm not nearly as helpless anymore! I've talked about it a but above, but now! In no particular order! Here's a bunch of fun pictures!

One easter we decided to hook up a bike trailer to my chair and I pulled the neices and nephews around.

Yeah, I can totally play the drums in rockband (um, if you duct tape the sticks in my hands, and someone plays the pedal...)

I can fold in half, and I even had my lovely assistants at college help me demonstrate!

At Landon's wedding we decided to take a "standing" picture of me haha.

One day at college, I decided to build a lego set, all by myself. It took 3 hours, but I totally did it.

Here's me holding my nephew Nathan as a baby. I started singing/humming and went on for like 2 hours...

Camilla left her purse on my lap. Then this happened.

I... I have no words for this.

I don't like this picture, but it shows my beard! This is only 6 days growth.

For one halloween, I was a roller skate :)

This is Lake Powell, I'm swimming with purpose.

And finally, another Lake Powell picture. Censored for excessive display of ribs.

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