Gimpman Begins! (part one)

Alright here it is, the real story of how Corbinealious Brycetholomue Campbelliticus Maxiumus Danger the III (yes, that’s me) became GimpMan.

     First some background, ever since I was a wee tyke I always wanted to be able to do a back flip off a wall. My 9th grade year(2000ish) I taught myself how to do a round off back flip, and a few months later my older brother and amazing mom helped me figure out how to do a standing back flip. I honed my skills to the point where I could do 7 standing back flips in a row. My junior year I tried a wall flip for the first time and kicked myself for not trying it earlier, it was a cakewalk. The point of all this is I had been able to do a back flip off a wall for 3 years at the point I broke my neck, it wasn’t a mess up, it was my destiny :).

     Oh! My life schedule sucked, and I can prove it mathematically. I was commuting to UVSC 45 minutes each way each day (more when I started taking the bus) so 90 minutes round trip, 5 days a week, so 8 hours (rounded down).  I was taking 14 credit hours, and they recommend 2 hours of homework for every credit hour you take (8 + 14 + 28 = 50). I was also working full time at 35 hours a week. 50 + 35 = 85 hours a week at work, school, traveling, or doing school work. Divided by the 5 weekdays that’s 17 hours a day. Leaving 7 hours for sleep food and fun, in that order... fun got jipped :). 

     So it was my first semester at college (UVSC), I was attending on my Computer and Networking Sciences scholarship (yay for being a nerd!). 'Twas about 2/3 through the semester... I was doing well enough, I even had this 16 page paper about how video games don’t cause violent behavior written up.... anyway I was heading to the gas station to buy a 74 cent hot dog before going to the bus stop to go straight from school to work, and I decided to expel some energy doing some back flips off the wall like I often did, they feel so cool... I was alone and out front of the school, I did the first back flip just fine, but the grass must have been slightly moist (oops) and when I went to do a second flip I slipped.

     I don’t know how I rotated, but somehow I hit the back of my neck (because a bone was pushed forward) and ended up face down on my belly. I believe the first thing I thought was "oops". I tried to get up but nothing moved. I was only there prolly less than a minute before someone came up and asked if I was ok. I told him I couldn’t move anything but besides that I was fine. He called for help and the next guy who came over was an EMT, which was nice. The school cop came soon and told me an ambulance was on the way, he asked if there was anyone I wanted him to call, I had him call my Mom, and Sami Menousek haha. The ambulance arrived soon, we stopped by home depot to get some screws for my neck on the way to the hospital (jk), once I got there I got to see my mom and have a blessing before going into surgery. Everyone felt at peace, especially me, I made the whole thing a joke, mucho fun. I was under the knife within 1-2 hours of the fall.

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